Thursday, March 19, 2009

First sewing in many, many years.

I never did sew a lot. But my mum taught me to sew and I made a few things in my childhood and teens.

Its been a good 15 plus years since I gave it a go. I was as surprised as my mother that when I went and dusted off her machine, I could thread it, and basically knew what I was doing!
So I think I will sew for a while and see if I can become proficient. (love that word)

Rushed out to spotlight even though we are broke, and bought a pattern and fabric to make DD12 some pjs. Finished the pants in two evenings, with the help of the crafty ladies on my online mums group.

Here is the result.

Pretty happy I must say.
The pattern cost 6 dollars, but has a variety of things to make in it, like a bag, some tops, slippers, other pants, other sizes. The fabric cost less than 4 dollars, plus the ribbon and elastic etc. So for about 12 dollars, I got a couple of nights entertainment, and DD got a pair of jammie pants. And I can get a lot more entertainment out of that pattern too :D
I haven't tackled the top yet.

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