Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gift for Sister in law.

Well its Deborahs birthday next Monday. I decided to make her something last night LOL. I have to post it by wednesday so it couldn't be a big project.

I racked my brains trying to think of what she would actually like and use, and I came up with a couple of ideas.
I think she might use is a makeup brush roll. So I found a great little tutorial, and made one today. Im really happy with it and I hope she likes it.
I am sooooo slow at this stuff! This little project took me a few hours (with a few breaks to be a mum) from beginning to cut the fabric to being finished!

Very Happy with it :) and I loooove the fabric! If I get time I will make her a matching makeup bag.
Many thanks to Summerset for the tutorial. Here it is:

A couple more attempts...

The thought of trying to make the top to the pjs was stressing me out! I haven't got much experience with knits at all, and none in the past 15 plus years!

So as a distraction, I made a little bag for Hannah, to go with her pjs, should she choose to wear them out LOL.

Here it is

Hannah loves it. She has taken it out and about with her a few times already.

So then my confidence was bolstered. I thought I would dive in and attempt the stretchy pj top...

Well, I found it easy enough to follow the pattern and to cut it all out with the right nap. I studied my sewing book and chose an appropriate stitch. I even practiced and was surprised how simple it all seemed.

But by the time all of that was done, it was midnight. And it had all been building up to me sewing the top together, so I made the decision to sew it there and then. I wish I hadn't!

Soooooo disappointed with the outcome. Turns out, I do not know how to sew knits.

Here is the result...

It is terrible. But hannah insists she loves it.

The sewing group on my mums group gave me lots of tips to try to improve my future attempts so I have not lost all enthusiasm!

So what does one do when they discover they can not sew knits? How about offer to make an ice skating outfit for Hannahs friend? By next weekend?


Also I bought a little bit of fabric the other day, and a couple of patterns. I will add them here when I get a chance.

OH and I decided to attempt essential babys april sewing challenge. It is to make a skirt. Looks simple enough (I hope)...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

First sewing in many, many years.

I never did sew a lot. But my mum taught me to sew and I made a few things in my childhood and teens.

Its been a good 15 plus years since I gave it a go. I was as surprised as my mother that when I went and dusted off her machine, I could thread it, and basically knew what I was doing!
So I think I will sew for a while and see if I can become proficient. (love that word)

Rushed out to spotlight even though we are broke, and bought a pattern and fabric to make DD12 some pjs. Finished the pants in two evenings, with the help of the crafty ladies on my online mums group.

Here is the result.

Pretty happy I must say.
The pattern cost 6 dollars, but has a variety of things to make in it, like a bag, some tops, slippers, other pants, other sizes. The fabric cost less than 4 dollars, plus the ribbon and elastic etc. So for about 12 dollars, I got a couple of nights entertainment, and DD got a pair of jammie pants. And I can get a lot more entertainment out of that pattern too :D
I haven't tackled the top yet.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New attempt at a blog

Its been a few years since I blogged.
But here I am again.
I hope this blog highlights moments of bliss amidst the trials and tribulations of our home life.