Sunday, March 29, 2009

A couple more attempts...

The thought of trying to make the top to the pjs was stressing me out! I haven't got much experience with knits at all, and none in the past 15 plus years!

So as a distraction, I made a little bag for Hannah, to go with her pjs, should she choose to wear them out LOL.

Here it is

Hannah loves it. She has taken it out and about with her a few times already.

So then my confidence was bolstered. I thought I would dive in and attempt the stretchy pj top...

Well, I found it easy enough to follow the pattern and to cut it all out with the right nap. I studied my sewing book and chose an appropriate stitch. I even practiced and was surprised how simple it all seemed.

But by the time all of that was done, it was midnight. And it had all been building up to me sewing the top together, so I made the decision to sew it there and then. I wish I hadn't!

Soooooo disappointed with the outcome. Turns out, I do not know how to sew knits.

Here is the result...

It is terrible. But hannah insists she loves it.

The sewing group on my mums group gave me lots of tips to try to improve my future attempts so I have not lost all enthusiasm!

So what does one do when they discover they can not sew knits? How about offer to make an ice skating outfit for Hannahs friend? By next weekend?


Also I bought a little bit of fabric the other day, and a couple of patterns. I will add them here when I get a chance.

OH and I decided to attempt essential babys april sewing challenge. It is to make a skirt. Looks simple enough (I hope)...

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